Pay it Forward Experience

I'm Back Baby

34th Brian's Run - 12/4
NCR Trail Marathon 11/26 - Boston 2013, Here We Come
38th Turkey Trot 10K - 11/19
5th Veteran's Day 5K
1st Run The Grove - 5K (aka you in my haus!)
3rd Caffe Gelato 10 Miler - 10/23
3rd Delaware Run For The Buds 1/2 Marathon - 10/15
5th Nun Run 5K - 9/17
Mushroom Festival 5K - 9/11
6th Tour de Lance - 8/24
6th Dewey Beach Liquors 5K at the Cork - 7/17
8th Mimi's 5K for Delaware Hospice - 07/09
B+ 5K Run - 06/16
DUBC 4 Miler Down Syndrome Interest Group Benefit - 06/10
5th Hokessin Rotary Club 5K - 05/21
22ndKennett Run 10K - 05/14
3rd State Line Loop 9k - 05/07
3rd 4 Miles of Hope - 04/30
22nd Ronald McDonald House 5K - 04/23
2nd Stepping out to Cure Scleroderma 5k - 4/16
1st Thin Mint 5K - 04/07
My Brett Favre Moment
3rd McGlynns Pub 5K - 03/19
Michelob Ultra Series 2010
45-49 Age Group Winner
See Me In The Funny Papers - 10/06
17th Philadelphia Half Marathon - 11/21
8th E-Racing The Blues 10K - 10/31
Inaugural ECA Crusader 5K - 10/16
34th Gary P Lister Bottle N Cork 5K - 9/11
2nd Greene Turtle 5K - 8/22
5th Tour de Lance - 8/18
 9th Venus on the Half Shell 5K - 7/31 
Dewey Beach Liquors 5K at the Cork - 7/18
Catherine Rooney's 5k for Ulster Project - 7/08
Race for Time - 6/26
Miles For Molly - 6/19
Outlet Liquors 5K - 06/13
Ronald McDonald House 5K - 04/24
Race for Wishes 5K - 04/18
McGlynns Pub 5K - 03/27
Kelly's Logan House 5K - 03/14
Supporting Kidds 5K - 10/10
Race For Time - 6/27
Miles For Molly - 6/20
Hear We Go 5K - 5/31

Down Syndrome Advocacy
Einstein Syndrome  
Practice Ability Awareness (@@ video) Researchers See PTZ Promise
ACOG's Societal Cleansing Agenda Welcome to Holland
If People with DS Ruled the World... National Association for Down Syndrome
Disgraceful National Down Syndrome Society
Perfectly Shameful Creation or Elimination

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The name Ed Connell has many different associations on the internet. One is a cowboy gathering related to some horseman who wrote a book. Key words for that Ed Connell is horse training. Some of the titles of his book include Hackamore Reinsman, Reinsman of the West - Bridles and Bits.

Ed connell also seems to be getting substantial numbers of link references to a service station in Avondale Pa. This actually is my fathers station, though we haven't spoken in years. Estranged family members I think they call it.

There's another Ed Connell in Atlanta Georgia who must really be pissed I got the ed connell domain before he did. He's stuck with He seems to be big into shameless self promotion, much more than myself. He's a "seasoned IT manager" which usually translates into overpaid software loser based on my experience.

Anywho, I suppose I could dedicate to people of like "Ed Connell" name everywhere, but why bother. This site is all about me, the supreme badass crazy fucking irishman ed connell of which there'll never be another like me.

I do have a page on facebook, though I don't use it much except for to play poker. I had a twitter account as well, but that site is only for the electronic brain dead I came to decide. Myspace, yea I've done that as well, but again, I don't do it any longer. So, no links to forward you to really. I do have an Ed Connell on Linked in Page, which I'll embed here.. Well, look at that, I've even got the best "ed connell" monikor on linked in as well. Boy, that guy must be ticked.

So, my nutty diary page isn't viewable unless you're smart enough to do text only browsing. That's here.