Ode to edconnell.com
Well, well, well. edconnell.com has bit the dust. Home computer users suffer such a loss at times, your computer goes up in smoke, and you lose some priceless (some not) pictures and thousands of questionably obtained mp3 files. Our family continues to live on the edge where this is concerned, rarely if ever backing up such things, and life goes on... The personal loss of edconnell.com to me is fairly painful. Granted, it wasn't any great achievement in the annals of human history, but what has been lost is a measurable segment of my life. Tis the nature of untimely losses each one of us may potentially suffer each and everyday - the ole it can't happen to me syndrome. I'm not the kind of person who ever believes "it can't happen to me", but, I sometimes am the type that lives knowing it can but sure hoping it doesn't. This time, it did, and only time will tell if edconnell.com will rise from the smoldering platters that became of the "warden server". Yes, shame on me, but, what even more shameful belongs to Wyenet Web Hosting Services who claims to pride themselves on customer support (what company doesn't?), then has nothing to offer their customers when their servers go up in flames. I'm a bit flabbergasted by the whole event, and hope I'm not the only one who has learned a costly lesson here.
Rising from the Ashes