Getting Started

Make A Backup! -First thing is you should identify your Quicken 2001 data file. Sure, Quicken2009 will do this for you, but if you get that far, you'll probably jump in with both feet, have it converted, then be all confused when you want to start over. Start by saving a copy of the 2001 version, and keep it safe and sound. I'm going to assume the reader knows how to make copies of files in Windows, without turning this into something so basic. I will tell you, that the 2001 file is a QDF file. Find it, save it, and put a version in a place where you will do your conversion, which should be where you intend to keep your new Quicken 2009 file. A note - you will probably find several files where ever you locate the QDF file. You only need the QDF file for moving forward.

So, I've done that, and have my Old Quicken file "FINANCES.QDF" in place, ready to go:

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