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Considering an upgrade to Quicken 2009 Premiere? Already on a current version of Quicken? If you're on Quicken 2001 Deluxe, as was I, be prepared for a considerable amount of grief. I'm composing this guide as a roadmap for anyone who expected an easy migration from existing Quicken 2001 information to the updated 2009 series. Why? Because it is anything but Intuitive or easy.

Now, a disclaimer. My prior version of Quicken was not enabled for online anything. I'm not sure why; I just couldn't be bothered probably for one. For two, I imagine online transactions were not widely adopted in 2001 to worry about it.

My uses of Quicken are fairly plain. I've tracked my checkbook and savings account balances. My 401k balances are way past being accurate. I used to track each and every credit card transaction by manually entering them, but threw in the towel on that a few years back. Quicken comes in handy when I'm printing off my tax information for the year.

I've started to trade stocks this past year again. I trade fairly frequently. I tried to keep up in Quicken to track them, but fell behind early on. Again, I think I'd find accurate reporting here most useful when printing a report at tax time.

I had cause to wipe my computer and reinstall it. At that time, I decided what the heck, make a donation to Quicken and upgrade. They were running a sale as well. I was really anxious to take advantage of what must be obvious improvements to personal financial bookkeeping that has taken place over the past 8 years. The download, install was fairly routine. Now, time to take it out for a test drive.

Honestly, my expections were pretty normal. I had a Quicken file. I figured the upgrade would read it in, all my accounts would be there. I figured there'd be intuitive, straightforward access to my financial institutions (FI's). Once connected, I figured any transactions stored there would easily just drop right into my Quicken account records. Since my checking and savings accounts are reconciled each month by hand, I didn't expect any issues with them. And, I figured my brokerage transactions that I hadn't been keeping up with would intelligently find their way into my neglected Q2001 version of my Etrade brokerage account. I figured all my existing things like Mortage loan history and information, and my paycheck information would just carry forward. So, existing features I used would be intact, and there'd be lots of interesting new features I'm sure that I could take advantage of if I were so inclined.

Well, after about 3 weeks of Q2009, I can safely say my expectations were not met in the least. There's nothing easy or intuitive about migrating from the existing 2001 information to the updated 2009 version. I'm not sure who's at fault here, whether it's Quicken, or ETrade, or both. It doesn't matter. The product offering is anything but intuitive and is downright dysfunctional. The amount of manual effort to get this setup I find mind-boggling. The amount of prior things that worked which did not make the conversion is shameful. I'm very disappointed in this purchase.

That being said, I continue on with Q2009. I see no good reason to go back to Q2001. I'm hoping my efforts now will pay me back with reduced amounts of effort with financial concerns in the future.

This guide I'm composing to help anyone who finds themselves in such an undersirable position. I'm nearly done with my migration to 2009, and am willing to share what I've learned with you. Mostly this is for ETrade customers, especially those who trade stocks. I've written a tool to convert your ETrade historical information into a Quicken usable format, so that you can best recreate your portfolio in Q2009, if you've been lax about it in the past like me. I'm pretty certain the tool works for all the things I do in my trading account. I'll get to that later when I actually have it posted.

If you find this at all useful, I intend to seek voluntary contributions especially for my conversion tool. Not everything in life should be free. If you put your time, skills, and effort into making someone else's life better, then why should you not be entitled to reap some reward from that person? I feel obligated to pay people who do me a service. I do not like a mooch of any kind.

The Conversion Guide

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